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About the Picerne Family Foundation

About the Picerne Family Foundation

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The Founder, Ken Picerne is the President and Chairman of the Board of The Picerne Group, a privately held U.S. corporation with particular expertise in the areas of apartment acquisition and investment, apartment development, distressed debt investment, and land development and entitlement. For nearly 30 years, The Picerne Group built its success upon the premise that acting in a socially responsible manner, with integrity and honesty, leads to personal success and a thriving community. Throughout these years, Ken Picerne made significant investments to help nonprofits and people grow and achieve their goals so they could make their own contribution to a healthy society. In 2004, he formed the Picerne Foundation as an independent private operating foundation (501c3) to expand this work and apply The Picerne Group investment strategies to achieve its philanthropic ends.

Visit the Picerne Group website for more information about Ken Picerne and The Picerne Group.

The Picerne Family Foundation Mission
The Foundation’s mission is to develop and support innovative programs that provide opportunities for individuals to increase their abilities, knowledge, talent and understanding in ways that will help them better contribute to creating active and healthy communities.

Project Criteria of the Picerne Family Foundation
To accomplish this mission, the projects we develop:

  • Are unique and creative
  • Demonstrate significant social value
  • Are scalable and replicable
  • Fulfill an investment business model

Values of the Picerne Family Foundation
A guiding premise for the Foundation is it that it demonstrates the values of the Founder, Ken Picerne and The Picerne Group. These values are:

  • Thoughtful commitment to philanthropy
  • Innovative approaches to address social needs
  • Creating opportunities for talented individuals to excel
  • Giving back to communities where TPG does business, but capable of operating on regional and national levels
  • Entrepreneurial investment program
  • Ability to leverage investments to gain greater social impact
  • Intelligent management of risk
  • Thoughtful and engaged leadership
  • Professional and lean administration

Please view the Programs page to see examples of how we put our ideas into action.