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Picerne Family Foundation Artist Bios and Photos

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2009 Artist Bios and Photos
Kathleen McVey – Artist, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Kathleen McVey – Artist, Vocational Rehabilitation CounselorKathleen’s love of art began at an early age. Inspired by the natural beauty of California, Kathleen expressed herself and her appreciation for her native state through art and painting. Her interest in art grew with her studies of the Old Masters, Impressionism and Expressionism. Always keeping art in her life, Kathleen went on to have a successful career in counseling and as a vocational rehabilitator assisting permanently disabled workers. Kathleen has since devoted her time to painting, studying art with local and international artists, and exhibiting her paintings throughout the San Diego region. “For me,” she states, “Art is an emotional and visual language that initiates a dialogue between painter and viewer. My paintings are a reflection of my love of nature and I hope they speak to my viewers in a way that helps them focus on the beauty and generosity that exists even in our chaotic world.”

Kathleen is teaching art classes to “homebound” elderly living in the City of Encinitas and Mercy Housing of Encinitas, which provides housing for low-income seniors. Her introduction to a variety of art-media will occur in a fun, safe, and non-judgmental environment where seniors can express their creativity and stimulate their imagination. Homebound seniors that live alone and no longer drive due to medical conditions or physical limitations are not able to participate in programs and services offered by adult schools, community colleges and senior centers. These in-need seniors tend to become socially isolated which can lead to boredom, loneliness and depression. National studies measuring the effect of art therapy with elderly nursing home patients cite improvement in stress related conditions, increased feelings of self-worth and a renewed interest in living for some participants. Kathleen states, “It is my hope that seniors who participate in this art program will find that communicating their feelings, creativity, and insights through art will achieve a profound effect on their confidence and feeling of well-being.”