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Dolores Dang-Wright

Dolores Dang-WrightDolores Dang-Wright has been a high school science teacher for 21 years. She currently teaches Chemistry and AP Environmental Science at Dana Hills High School. Dolores works with her students on a variety of community projects and takes them on a number of field trips during the school year. She has been recognized as an Earth Hero by CBS and the Wyland Foundation in 2011. She was awarded the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year in 2006. Dolores has served as a committee member on the Dana Hills High School site council for ten years and on the Girls in Ocean Science Teen Conference committee at the Ocean Institute for seven years.

Dolores encourages her students to be the voice of the future and take care of our planet. Her students participate in the Barcoding Life’s Matrix program, a science innovation project hosted by Coastal Marine Biolabs with funding support from the National Science Foundation. Through their participation in the program, students join a global community of scientists in its efforts to build a digital genetic registry of Earth’s biodiversity using a DNA barcode system. In the laboratory, students use a suite of molecular biology-based protocols to extract genomic DNA and amplify a standardized gene region that serves to distinguish species groups. Using sophisticated bioinformatics tools, students then incorporate their data into records that are published in the Barcode of Life Data Systems and the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration. She takes her students to the Orange County Sanitation and Orange County Water District to understand the importance of water and the process of recycling wastewater back to drinking water. In the community, her students have worked on habitat restoration for the Pacific Pocket mouse at the Dana Point Headlands and The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, where they have volunteered to participate in the Earth Day celebrations. Dolores has collaborated in the development of the “Backyard Skills Mentor Program” in which students from her AP Environmental Science classes teach the fourth grade students at Kinoshita Elementary School about the environment through four hands-on activities at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. She is a member of the teacher advisory board for Crystal Cove Alliance which developed a field study on ocean acidification and the Citizen Science Marine Mammal Cruise which studies water quality, fish, plankton and fish egg identification in the Marine Protected Area at Crystal Cove.

Dolores graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a BS in Biological Sciences and from USIU with a MA in Education and Technology.